Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Modern day noir story about Psychiatrist Eldon Chance, who’s in a rut.
He’s middle-aged, his wife wants a divorce, which might put a strain on
his relationship with his astute teenage daughter he deeply cares about,
and he’s getting tired of his professional work. Chance’s natural
talent for psychoanalysis allows him to easily assess everyone that
wants his help but that doesn’t mean he can actually cure them or even
help them. Everything changes however, when he meets mysterious and
attractive Jaclyn Blackstone, who turns out to have both dark secrets
and big psychological as well as private problems. But her most
immediate problem is her abusive ex-husband Raymond Blackstone, who also
happens to be a corrupt cop with connections. Chance falls for Jaclyn
and becomes obsessed with helping her but he quickly realizes that he’s
in over his head. Help eventually comes in the form of a hulking man
called D. While clearly a bit unhinged, asocial and disturbed, D is also
highly skilled, …