This Is Us

This Is Us
  Comedy, Drama
Rebecca Pearson once had a difficult pregnancy with triplets. The
resulting births occurred on the same day as her husband Jack Pearson’s
thirty-sixth birthday. The lives of Rebecca, Jack and their three
offspring – Kevin, Kate and Randall – are presented at different points
in time. The Rebecca and Jack stories generally take place during the
early stage of their marriage, surrounding the birth of the three
children, or at different phases of the children’s upbringing, which was
not always smooth sailing for any of the five. Separate stories
concerning Kevin, Kate and Randall are also presented in their adult
years, each who has his or her own baggage resulting from that
upbringing: Kevin who was generally the neglected one because he had no
outward issues; Kate who has always had weight issues; and Randall, the
gifted one, being the visible outsider and being the “non-K” child.
These stories may demonstrate the emotional ties that exist not only
because of being family, but also …
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